Forum Constitution


  1. The official name of the Forum shall be the NUI MAYNOOTH HISTORY FORUM (NUIM HISTORY FORUM).
  2. Objectives

  3. To promote an interest in the study of history in general and particularly local history and archaeology.
  4. Officers

  5. The Association shall have a president, a vice-president, a secretary, and a treasurer.   
  6. The president shall chair all committee meetings, and General, and Extraordinary meetings.
  7. The duties of the secretary will include: the preparation of a written report for the Annual General Meeting; the taking of minutes at General and ordinary committee meetings; the issuing of notice to members re General and ordinary committee meetings; the safe-keeping of all current minutes and past correspondence and minutes. The secretary will endeavour to keep members advised of events, lecture programmes and matters directly related to the affairs of the Forum.
  8. The duties of the treasurer include: the collecting of membership fees and the preparation of a written report to be presented to the Annual General Meeting regarding the income and expenditure of the Forum since the last AGM.
  9. Committee

  10. The affairs of the Forum shall be managed by a committee consisting of the president, the secretary, and the treasurer and up to three ordinary members, all of whom shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. In the event of a vacancy arising amongst the officers, the committee shall have power, at its discretion, to co-opt an eligible member to fill the vacancy.  This member shall hold office until the next AGM. An editor for a proposed publication may also be co-opted onto the committee.
  11. The president of the Forum shall not be eligible for re-election for a fourth consecutive year, and a former president who has served an aggregate of three years shall be an ex-officio member of the committee for one year unless he or she shall choose to resign from the Committee.
  12. Three members of the committee shall form a quorum.
  13. The committee shall meet when and where necessary to perform its duties, and in the absence of the president shall elect a chairperson to preside at its meetings.
  14. The committee may co-opt any member of the Forum to act as a member of the committee, or to act on a sub-committee, until the purpose for which they were co-opted has been terminated, or until the next Annual General Meeting, whichever shall first occur.
  15. Sub-committees

  16. The committee shall have power to appoint sub-committees for any purpose associated with the objectives of the Forum
  17. General Meetings

  18. The committee has the power to call General Meetings of the Forum.
  19. A General Meeting of the Forum shall be held annually in the month of June for the purpose of receiving the secretary's report, and the treasurer's report since the last Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting will also elect officers and the committee for the incoming year and transact any general business of the Forum.
  20. Fourteen days' notice shall be given for General Meetings including the Annual General Meeting.
  21. Motions for a General Meeting, including the Annual General Meeting, must be submitted in writing, or via email, to the secretary at least seven days before the meeting.
  22. A quorum for General Meetings, including the Annual General Meeting, shall be ten members and only paid up members shall have the right to vote.
  23. Membership

  24. The membership of the Forum shall be decided as from time to time by the committee.
  25. The committee shall have the power to elect as Honorary members persons of distinction in subjects allied to the object of the Forum.
  26. Subscriptions

  27. The amount of the annual subscription payable by members shall be decided upon, from time to time, by an Annual General Meeting, or a General Meeting called for the purpose; subscriptions shall become due on the 1st October.
  28. Alteration of Rules

  29. A rule shall not be altered, or a new one adopted, without the sanction of a two thirds majority of members present and voting at the Annual General Meeting or a General Meeting. This will be the case until 2012 when a simple majority will suffice.
  30. Dissolution

  31. A motion for the dissolution of the Forum may be submitted to the committee no less than two months before the date of the next Annual General meeting.  If such a motion is passed by a two thirds majority of the membership present any assets of the Forum remaining on dissolution, after satisfying that all outstanding debts are met, shall not be distributed among individual members of the Association but given to a local history organisation with similar aims to those of the Forum.