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HISTORY FORUM Mission Statement

The NUIM History Forum embraces the concepts of the ‘new history’ that seeks interdisciplinary approaches to the past with a strong belief that Irish local history can illuminate and inform on national movements and events. The Forum draws its inspiration from Local History programmes emanating from the History Department in NUIM. Over the past two decades alumni of these programmes continue to publish books, pamphlets, research guides and essays. The Forum offers an opportunity to explore and comment on their work as well as offering an opportunity for others to come and debate their history research.

NUI History Forum
Rhetoric House

During 2016 and 2017 individual Forum members are available to deliver a select menu of talks and lectures to Local History societies and groups.

A sample menu includes:

Soupers and Jumpers: the Protestant missions in Connemara, 1848-1937 (mirmoff@gmail.com)

The Metals: A history of an historic pathway from Dalkey to Dun Laoghaire harbour (rob.goodbody@gmail.com)